Clemson Bros. BreweryBranding

"My love for craft beer made me jump on this project through a friend I offered to do labels for. He then told me they were not for his home-brew, it was for the owner of Clemson Bros. Brewery. Deals were made, documents were signed and here we are. I LOVE this project." - Mike (Visual Arts Director)

For the love of Beer

This is probably I Am Design's biggest and most consistent client. This is a perfect example of how we tackle branding and marketing. It's a project that we have a lot of passion for.

  • Client: Clemson Bros. Brewery
  • Technology: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Bootstrap, HTML, PHP, CSS, Hand Drawing, Tablet Drawing, Exterior paint, Stencils
  • Website:
Clemson Brewing Co.