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PortfolioRecent Works

Casa Bandido Salsa Labels

Casa Bandido Salsa

Salsa labels designed for a local restaurant owner and entrepreneur for his recipe from generations. Click here for their website.

Mellotron M4000D

Mellotron M4000D

Web graphic created for Mellotron & Alto Music for the M4000D Synthesizer, done in Adobe Photoshop. Click here to view the full page.

Planet New York Tattoo

Planet New York

A logo & website designed for a tattoo shop in Poughkeepsie, NY done with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Wordpress. Visit their website here.

Clemson Brewing

Clemson Brewing

Branding for Clemson Bros. Brewery in Middletown, NY. Branding includes Logo, website, email blasts, coasters, beer labels, menus and more! Visit their website here.

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner

We create unique print menus to fit any of your already established brands or we can completely create your brand starting with a menu.


Sabila Aloe Drink

A website done for Sabila Aloe Drink company using HTML, Bootstrap & more.

Jukebox Romantics Cry

Jukebox Romantics "Cry"

A T-shirt design done for a pop punk band called Jukebox Romantics. Hand drawn roses, mixed media, & Adobe Photoshop.

Acme Farm Apiary

Acme Farm Apiary

A logo created for a local Honey Bee Apiary done with Adobe Illustrator. Visit their Facebook page here.

Services OfferedUpgrade Your Business

Multi-Platform Responsive Web Development

When it comes to your business, project, service, art or even your band it is extremely important to have web presence in this digital world. Times have changed. Billboards and the Yellow Pages are not enough anymore. I Am Design offers services to create clean and elegant websites that can be found with any search engine. These sites are built with the heart by hand. All sites that I Am Design builds are responsive, meaning they can be viewed with any device that you can surf the web on such as your Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, and many other platforms. The sky is the limit.

Large and Small Scale Print Design

Print design is where it all began for I Am Design. Expertise in eye-catching layout, illustration and typography. I Am Design offers print designs for business cards, flyers, banners, posters, mailers, coupons, advertisements, invitations, letterheads, palm cards, post cards, booklets, menus, brochures, envelopes, signage, banners and much more! You will not regret your decision to inquire with I Am Design!

Make Your Product Look Amazing Production Design

Product design all starts with an idea or concept. It has always been relevant in our history. A consumer always will have a need for something. I Am Design has experience creating products for everyday use or even just something you throw away like a plastic cup at a graduation party, or a wedding.

It all starts with the logo Branding

Whether you are launching a business, a product, an App or even a political campaign it is important to have everything come together as one entity. Branding all begins with the heart, the design in which everything will match which may be mailers, a website, a Facebook page, posters or stickers. Executing an attractive brand will make a huge difference in success.

Get the Edge in Your Campaign Marketing

Social media has exploded for marketing in the past 10 years. Even just Instagram alone makes a huge impact in marketing your business or product. Facebook has been a great tool ever since they launched their advertising service. It is very affordable starting at $5 per day and it targets the audience by their interests expressed on Facebook itself as well as their Google searches. Social media is not the only way to market your business. Newspapers and print ads still serve their purpose whether you believe it or not. This targets the non-digital people you want to reach. Advertisements have been around since the 19th century! Can you believe it? I Am Design specializes in marketing your business and product.

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